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19 Apr 2023

Everything You Need to Know about The Solar Rooftop Subsidy Programme


What is Solar Subsidy Programme ?

Solar rooftop subsidy scheme is an initiative by the Government of India to promote rooftop solar systems in the country. The government through the Pradhan Mantri Solar Rooftop Subsidy Yojana encourages use of renewable energy and provides subsidies to consumers. The subsidy will be released into the residential consumers’ bank accounts after installation and inspection which can be tracked online at the national portal. ( )

How much Subsidy will you receive?

The table below shows the amount of subsidy you can receive:

Plant CapacityApplicable Subsidy

Up to 3 kW


Rs 14,588 per kW

3 kW to 10 kW


Rs 14,588 per kW for first 3 kW and thereafter 7,294 per kW

Above 10 kW


Rs 94,822 Fixed


Here's an illustration of the Calculation of Subsidy for your understanding

Rooftop Solar CapacityApplicable Subsidy



Rs 14,588 *2.5 = Rs 36,470



Rs 14,588 * 3 =Rs 43,764



Rs 14,588*3 + Rs 7,294 * 1 = Rs 51,058



Rs 14,588 * 3 + 7,294 *3.5 = Rs 69,293



Rs 94,822



Rs 94,822
For resident welfare associations/ group housing societies

Rs 7,294 per kW

For common facilities up to 500kW at 10 kW per house


Conditions for availing Subsidy

The subsidy is only applicable only for those projects which have been implemented fully through the National Portal after the date of launch (30.07.2022) i.e.; application made on National Portal on/after 30.07.2022 and processed for technical feasibility approval & installation of rooftop solar plants by registered vendor, as per the provision of National Portal/ simplified procedure. The plant capacity eligible for CFA/subsidy would be calculated after factoring in the capacity already installed at the site. The applications on the National Portal shall be submitted by the concerned consumer/beneficiary only.: For availing CFA/subsidy through the National Portal, it is essential to

  • Install the rooftop solar plant through registered vendors of the concerned DISCOM and as per the guidelines and technical specifications issued by MNRE.
  • In addition, only indigenously manufactured solar panels/modules (both solar cells and modules shall be made in India) shall be used for installation of the rooftop solar plant. 


How to apply for a Solar Subsidy

You can apply online for solar rooftop subsidy schemes through the official website. Below are the steps to follow:

1)    To apply visit 

2)    Download Sandes App & Register in the portal with the following

3)    Select your State

4)    Select your Electricity Distribution Company

5)    Enter your Electricity Consumer Number

6)    Enter Mobile Number

7)    Enter Email

8)    Login with Consumer Number & Mobile Number

9)    Apply for the Rooftop Solar as per the form

10)  Wait for the feasibility approval from DISCOM. Once you get the feasibility approval install the plant by any of the registered vendors in your DISCOM

11)  Once installation is over , submit the plant details and apply for net meter

12)  After installation of net meter and inspection by DISCOM, they will generate commissioning certificate from portal

13)  Once you got the commissioning report submit bank account details and a cancelled cheque through the portal. Subsidy will come your account within 30 working days


How will I receive Solar Rooftop Subsidy

The subsidy process starts from registration, and ends with the release of subsidy into your bank account. The amount will be released after the installation and testing of the Solar PV Power Plant.  The status of your subsidy  can be tracked through the online portal. ( )


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